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30.10.2023 - Fachartikel - Auto / Verkehr

Tailor-made ice driving in specially prepared Porsches!

Thrilling – Technical - Adventurous

(Initiative Mittelstand)

Winter is coming closer, and in a few weeks, we will head far north to the Arctic Circle to Rovaniemi, Finland to start out 2024 with our exceptional Spirit of Speed Arctic programs. It is your chance to secure yourself a seat to learn how to maneuver our KALMAR RS fleet of specially prepared Porsches with the highest precision on snow and ice with your personal instructor by your side!

You will have the chance to try a wide variety of the KALMAR RS fleet with its famous Porsche engine and drive concepts - all on World Rally Championship tires with 6mm spikes. Rear wheel drive, rear engine, as well as all-wheel drive, and even the nimble and fast reacting mid-engined Cayman R are sure to surprise everyone behind the steering wheel.

Buckle up and be ready as a truly one-of-a-kind experience is waiting for you with 100s of kilometers of rally stages, super stages, rally cross stages with bridges and huge track-banking… on lakes, marshland and right in the forest – tracks designed to thrill and challenge you like never before.

Long action-packed days, thrilling ice rally tracks, individual coaching, top-class lodge accommodation and special team spirit! Be ready to turn up the levels higher than you ever imagined!

Do you have 4 days spare time in January 2024 and are looking for an Arctic thrill you have not experienced before? Then come and join us for an unforgettable snow and ice driving program!
 Arctic Control | 15 - 18 January 2024

Arctic Control | 18 - 21 January 2024 
Arctic Control | 21 - 24 January 2024 
Arctic Race | 24 - 27 January 2024
Arctic Race | 27 - 30 January 2024 – sold out
Arctic Control | 30 January - 2 February 2024 – sold out






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