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Protects the hero's chest!

Wunderlich engine protection cover »EXTREME« for all BMW R 1250 ShiftCam and R 1200 LC boxers

[PDF] Press Release: Protects the hero's chest!
[PDF] Press Release: Protects the hero's chest!

Grafschaft-Ringen, 26.03.2020 (PresseBox) - This was already the case in the days of the old two-valve boxers: the front engine cover of the BMW boxer engines was aptly known by connoisseurs as „The Hero‘s Chest“. Of course, the hero chest has become more and more impressive over the years with the cubic capacity. But the right term has remained!

Even if heroes never complain, they are still vulnerable! That‘s why Wunderlich developed the engine protection cover »EXTREME«. The original engine cover, like a figurehead, stands against stone chips, spray and road dirt that are blown up by the front wheel, as well as the storm on the highway.

To protect the cover, the Grafschafter BMW accessory specialists have developed and designed an elaborate engine protection cover made of tough, impact-resistant and hard-wearing plastic. The well thought-out component shape also ensures high mechanical stability and low weight. The motor protection cover is optimally integrated with the 4-point fastening, acts like a protective shield and also enhances the engine design. The Grafschafter perfectly combined the protective and design function. As usual, at Wunderlich, attention was paid to the simple assembly of the cover for the customer right from the start.

The hero chest is made in small series in Europe. That‘s why Wunderlich gives a 5-year warranty on the engine protection cover »EXTREME«, which costs € 99.90*.

You can find components for all current BMW motorcycle models and older model series at


42772-002 - Wunderlich Engine protection cover »EXTREME« - black (€ 99.90*)

*Prices may vary from country to country

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[PDF] Press Release: Protects the hero's chest!

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Wunderlich engine protection cover »EXTREME« (Item-No.: 42772-002)

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Engine protection cover manufactured to the exact contour: tough, impact-resistant, hard-wearing

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Perfect combined: design and protective function