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Novalnet Receives Payment Gateway Provider Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

Novalnet recently received an acclaimed industry award from a well-known B2B review platform for its cutting-edge product and services.

Novalnet representational image for finance online award.
Novalnet representational image for finance online award.

Germany, 17.03.2023 (PresseBox) - FinancesOnline, a respected and leading software review platform, recently presented Novalnet with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our solution’s rising user base and growing popularity. The accolade is given to new business software products that have earned market validation over a short period. 

Besides Novalnet’s emerging popularity and positive social media mentions, FinancesOnline recognized the platform’s powerful features and outstanding performance as a payment gateway provider. Software specialists also prepared a thorough Novalnet review and concluded that it helps organizations process and send secure payments for business growth. 

In their evaluation, review experts analyzed each of the valuable features the software provides its users. The report lauded its primary capabilities, including payment links, payment page, and analytics and reports function. 

As a payment gateway provider, FinancesOnline commended Novalnet’s simplified payment solutions. The platform offers various means for companies to securely and swiftly process and collect payments. For starters, organizations that do not have online shops or point-of-sale (POS) systems can create custom payment links that they can share with clients. 

Businesses can share payment links via invoice, instant messaging, email, or social media. Once consumers click the link, the solution will direct them to a secure payment page to finish their transaction. 

The reviewers also praised the solution’s payment page, where clients can safely transact their business. This is because the program validates client identity, verifies real-time transactions, and utilizes AI and machine learning to manage credit risk evaluations. With these steps in place, the software protects the integrity of your organization from chargebacks and payment fraud. 

Furthermore, partners, merchants, and affiliates can set up their escrow accounts. These accounts will securely and temporarily keep their funds and only distribute them after they satisfy specific conditions. As a result, the platform reduces the threat of insolvency, misappropriation, and non-payment. 

Besides those mentioned, the report highlighted the analytics and reports function of the product. With data displayed on your dashboard, you can generate detailed business insights to study market trends. Additionally, you can integrate the tool with your CRM, ERP, or accounting software to quickly create automated reports showing your transaction's status. 

With internet users ever-growing, it is no wonder that the need for payment gateway providers is expanding. A study estimates that the global payment gateway provider market will reach $147.4 billion by the year 2027. That’s at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1%.

Given Novalnet’s top-notch capabilities and features, the solution instantly becomes one of the sector’s sought-after payment providers. In addition, all of its premium qualities are what review platforms look for on their list of top payment gateway providers

Novalnet would like to thank FinancesOnline for appreciating our hard work. Receiving accolades from reputable organizations such as this motivates us to do better at producing superior payment solutions. 

We also thank our loyal clients who continue to rely on us for their payment software needs. Rest assured that we will keep on delivering high-quality features and services in the future. We look forward to more partnerships with you in the coming years.


Christoph Drewes
+49 (89) 9230683-20
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Chief Business Development Officer

Antony Robinson
+49 89 9230683-20
+49 89 9230683-11
Zuständigkeitsbereich: CMO

Über Novalnet AG:

Die Novalnet AG, gegründet im Januar 2007, ist ein führendes europäisches Zahlungsinstitut für professionelle elektronische Zahlungsabwicklung. Payment-Service-Provider gibt es viele. Einen Full-Service-Payment-Provider wie Novalnet mit seinem einzigartigen Portfolio gibt es nur einmal. Dieses bietet alle gängigen Zahlungsarten mit allen nötigen Services komplett aus einer Hand: eine sichere Zahlungsabwicklung über Treuhandkonten namhafter Banken in Deutschland und Österreich, ein integriertes umfangreiches Risikomanagement zur Minimierung von Zahlungsausfällen und Betrug, eine automatisierte Rechnungsstellung, ein automatisiertes Debitoren- und Forderungsmanagement inkl. verschiedener Mahnstufen, kostenlosen und vollen technischen Support sowie zahlreiche Zusatzservices (z.B. umfangreiche Abonnement- und Mitgliederverwaltung, ein nützliches Affiliate-Programm etc.).

Der Vorteil für Online-Händler liegt in der Gesamtheit aller dieser vielfältigen Dienstleistungen unter einem Dach. Es bleibt ihnen erspart, mit unterschiedlichen Banken, Kreditkartenacquirern, Auskunfteien, Inkassounternehmen, Affiliate-Plattformen und Technologiepartnern (wie z.B. PCI) unzählige Verträge mit unterschiedlichen Laufzeiten und Gebühren abzuschließen. Bei Novalnet haben sie die Möglichkeit, mit nur einem Vertrag und nur einem direkten Ansprechpartner alle oben genannten Leistungen in Anspruch zu nehmen.


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Novalnet representational image for finance online award.