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Better than ever before: the new GEDA MULTILIFT P22

Just in time for the bauma year, the Bavarian manufacturer of industrial and construction hoists is launching an optimised version of its popular GEDA Multilift P22

[PDF] Press Release: Better than ever before: the new GEDA MULTILIFT P22
[PDF] Press Release: Better than ever before: the new GEDA MULTILIFT P22

Asbach-Bäumenheim, 23.06.2022 (PresseBox) - The GEDA Multilift series has been established in the market for 15 years and many successful projects have been completed successfully thanks to these devices. The passenger and material hoists have taken particularly the Scandinavian countries by storm and are very popular at a variety of different construction sites. The series previously included four devices for temporary use (GEDA Multilift P6, GEDA Multilift P12, GEDA Multilift P18 and GEDA Multilift P22). There is also a suitable Multilift solution for permanent use, which meets all requirements for transporting passengers and materials on construction sites or in the industrial sector even in the most challenging circumstances. Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder: “Standing still is going backwards": That is why a completely redesigned version of the GEDA Multilift P22 will be presented at bauma 2022.

Along with all the familiar, valued features of its predecessor, the new device also features an innovative, state-of-the-art design. Its improved capabilities are part of the reason why it is a true highlight in the Multilift series. Its clean style and updated colour concept definitely make this device an eye-catcher. The car interior is also particularly striking. Ease of maintenance and service were key aspects of the design process. All electronic components are accessible directly from the platform. The possibility of remote maintenance also greatly facilitates day-to-day work on a building site and saves both time and money.

With an extremely large platform measuring 3.2 m x 1.4 m, this new device makes it easy to transport particularly bulky construction materials. An optional 2.9 m wide C-sliding door is available for convenient front loading. To ensure that these heavy and bulky goods can be hoisted quickly, a lifting speed of max. 54 m/min can be applied. The GEDA Multilift P22 is the powerhouse of the Multilift range. Despite its high load capacity of 2000 kg or 22 passengers, it runs on only one mast of the proven GEDA VARIO mast system. With the Multilift P22, passengers and materials can be transported up to a height of 200 m quickly and safely. The special highlight: the GEDA Multilift P22 is operated with a cable trolley above a lifting height of 50 m. The trolley has a space-saving design so that the entry height at the lowest landing level is still at a comfortable 450 mm. The hoists from the Multilift series are invaluable even when space is at a premium. Compared to most passenger and material hoists, these devices need only a footprint of a few square metres. The already convenient operation of the passenger and material hoist is made even more simple and efficient with the optionally available intelligent call control.

The compact pre-installed base unit, which is composed of a car, enclosure, flat cable bin and drive, enables smooth assembly. Installation without a separate foundation completes the overall concept. To keep wear on the gear rack and pinion as low as possible, the GEDA Multilift P22 is equipped with an automatic lubrication device. This lubrication pump is included as standard and is compatible with the entire GEDA Power Grease line.

Depending on the construction site conditions or customer requirements, power consumption can be influenced by reducing the load and/or speed so that a 32 A connection will be sufficient instead of the standard 63 A connection. This opens up a significantly broader range of applications for the hoist.


Charlotte Wilkenloh
+49 (906) 9809-682
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Marketing

Über GEDA GmbH:

In the construction machinery sector and at global construction sites, GEDA has been renowned for offering unique quality and made-in-Germany expertise for 90 years. The company has developed a comprehensive product range over the decades: From compact 60 kg wire rope lifts for workmen and versatile transport platforms to person and material hoists - the GEDA range could not be any broader. This is complemented by industrial elevator product ranges for permanent use in power stations and cement works, offshore plants, etc.


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[PDF] Press Release: Better than ever before: the new GEDA MULTILIFT P22

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New control and improved electrical system / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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"Cleaner" interior without interfering / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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Innovatives Umwehrungssystem / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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Large loading door on the C-side / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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New generation GEDA MULTILIFT P22 / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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New generation GEDA MULTILIFT P22 / Image source: GEDA GmbH

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Neue Antriebe und Schmierpumpe / Image source: GEDA GmbH