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Safe Driving Under Hatch with the "Armor Eye" Driver Vision System

Kappa optronics Introduces Complete DVE/LSAS System for Armored Ground Vehicles

Kappa "Armor Eye" Driver Vision Enhancer for armored Ground vehicles

Gleichen, 16.10.2020 (PresseBox) - Unprotected driver sight over hatch is a thing of the past with modern driver vision enhancer systems (DVE). Now, fluid flicker-free video sight creates ideal situational crew awareness and markedly improves team safety and efficiency. Kappa optronics’ new Armor Eye program with driver vision enhancer and local situational awareness system (LSAS) offers scalable solutions for various vehicles types and missions. On the FFG’s WiSENT II, for example, the system is already in successful use for the Royal Norwegian Navy.

In the Armor Eye maximum version, over 20 high-resolution cameras in various wavelength ranges are in use on the tank, capturing every critical area. The Panoramic View Stitching process enables ergonomic, latency-free 360o viewing as if looking through glass. Even under the most difficult conditions, such as complete darkness, smoke, fog, and even in covert operation mode, the multispectral combination of VIS and LWIR sensors offers good sight 24/7. An extreme DRI range is achieved using the optics and sensors combination; using zoom, even the finest details become visible.

Of particular note is the specially developed scalable Video Distribution Unit (VDU). With up to 20 digital SDI inputs, four SDI outputs, and four H.264 network streams, it is currently the most comprehensive digital solution on the market, and decisive for the phenomenal system performance with extremely high image data throughput at zero latency. With an integrated NVIDIA GPU, the DVU offers every option for stitching, image fusion, augmented reality, and integration of future AI algorithms.

When identifying bumps or obstacles in a timely manner, to name an example, good sight conditions are crucial for the crew. A compelling, ergonomic design like that of the “Armor Eye” reduces factors that lead to nausea and fatigue, leading to a clear increase in performance with immediate reactions.


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Über Kappa optronics GmbH:

Kappa has over 40 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of application-specific cameras and vision systems in extremely robust and certified designs. We offer innovative vision solutions with day- and night-vision capability in 24/7 operation for maximum performance of the entire system, especially in safety-critical environments. Precise advice, dynamic project management, and above all, a development team with profound experience generates success. Our portfolio includes signal processing, mechanical modifications and customer-specific interface configurations, as well as integration of optical components, lighting, and video management. We aspire to achieve the technologically best solution within specific quality requirements. We achieve safety levels for approval in regulated markets with standardized design assurance procedures in hard- and software development, for example, up to SIL 2/ASIL-B/DAL-B, ISO 26262, DO-254, DO-160, DO-178, MIL STD 810/704, and NATO Supplier Code C4792.


(592 kB)

Kappa "Armor Eye" Driver Vision Enhancer for armored Ground vehicles

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Kappa "Armor Eye" Driver Vision Enhancer for armored Ground vehicles