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BobCAD-FreeCAD V34 is released - The licence is permanent and absolutely FREE of charge!


BobCAD-FreeCAD logo
BobCAD-FreeCAD logo

Bad Kreuznach, 19.10.2021 (PresseBox) - New version is now available for download.

BobCAD-CAM is a world-leading CAD/CAM system with a unique price-performance ratio. The CAD core of the system is available free of charge as BobCAD-FreeCAD. BobCAD-CAM is constantly being further developed and the current version V34 offers many interesting and practical innovations in the CAD area as well.

An excerpt:

Layer Manager

The Layer Manager now offers a number of handy new options to simplify organisation:


Change to current layer

Show this layer only

Select layer geometry

Selection Manager

When many elements need to be selected, zooming, rotating and panning the model to select the required geometry takes some time. With the new selection manager you simply select your geometry and save your geometry as a selection.


With the new Silhouette function you can get the overall outline of the part as if it were flattened to a two-dimensional plane. With the new Silhouette function you simply select the geometry, set the direction, adjust the options as required and click OK. This also works with STL models.

Project curves: Curves on curves

The "Project Curves" function is now able to project separate curves together to create geometry.

BobCAD-FreeCAD is absolutely free of charge and can be extended to an extremely budget-friendly CAD/CAM system if required.

Interested parties who would like to test BobCAD-FreeCAD can download the programme and obtain a licence.



Claudia Sohler
+49 (671) 836310

Über DataCAD Software und Service GmbH:

DataCAD Software & Services GmbH, founded in 1998, is a leading provider of technical software solutions for industry. The company's goal is to offer affordable software for a variety of different industries such as automotive and aircraft construction, mold and toolmakers, general manufacturing, prototype construction, woodworking, jewelry design, arts and crafts, hobbies and education.

You can find more information at


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BobCAD-FreeCAD logo

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