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Windows Real-time Hypervisor Update V7.1.2


Consolidate Hardware with LxWin
Consolidate Hardware with LxWin

Ravensburg, 15.10.2021 (PresseBox) - acontis technologies has updated its Windows Real-time extension and Hypervisor products to version V7.1.2.

The acontis Hypervisor solutions enable customer running deterministic hard Real-time applications alongside Windows 10.

The acontis product family offers various solutions to cover different customer requirements:

EC-Win: Windows Real-time EtherCAT solution.

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LxWin: Windows Real-time extension and Hypervisor supporting Real-time Linux.

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VxWin: Windows Real-time Hypervisor supporting VxWorks

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RTOS32Win: Windows Real-time extension and Hypervisor supporting On Time RTOS-32

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Microsoft has ended the ability to cross-sign drivers. Cross-signing of drivers is required by any Windows 64-bit OS prior to Windows 10. If a driver is not signed, Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will not trust the driver and, as a result, will not load it. Starting with the V7.1.2 version the acontis Windows Real-time Hypervisor products will not support the 64 Bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Version 7.1.2 includes the following enhancements:

Intel VT option: now supports RTOS devices behind different PCI root complex devices (required specifically on server processors)

VxWin, RTOS32Win: Intel VT option not required on Windows 10 64 Bit versions when using Update Build Revision 1081 and later

LxWin: Support AMD Ryzen CPUs

LxWin: Maximum memory limit increased

up to 2,9 Gb for 32-bit Linux

up to 100Gb for 64-bit Linux

LxWin: Linux kernel updated to version 4.9.275

LxWin: Linux kernel includes support for serial port devices

LxWin: Support for automatic date and time synchronization.

LxWin: Improved real-time timer behavior by

using Local Apic TSC deadline mode by default

using the timer guard band: this will guarantee that no timer interrupts are generated within a user defined guard band around the Real-time timer event

RTOS32Win: Update to On Time RTOS-32 version 6.23


Stefan Zintgraf
+49 (751) 56030-33
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Geschäftsführer

Über acontis technologies GmbH:

Acontis technologies, based in Ravensburg Germany, was founded in 2001 by the todays managers Christoph Widmann and Stefan Zintgraf.

As a leading provider for EtherCAT® software and Windows® Real-time solutions acontis serves customers in the sectors machine builders, medical technology, automation, semiconductors and robotics.

In the future, expansion in the EtherCAT and real-time businesses are plant as well as new investments in the area of Time Sensitive Networking and OPC UA.

Our company is known for high quality products "Made in Germany". The product portfolio is supplemented by professional Training-, Support- and Software Services.


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Consolidate Hardware with LxWin

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Consolidate Hardware with VxWin