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imc AG presents imc Express – the new AI-based authoring software

With the new imc Express authoring tool, the e-learning provider opens up the possibility for companies to quickly and easily digitise knowledge

imc Express, authoring tool
imc Express, authoring tool

Saarbrücken, 06.05.2021 (PresseBox) - Today, imc AG is launching the new cloud-based software imc Express that enables users to create e-learning courses and digital training quickly and effectively. The tool is available worldwide and well-suited for use in almost any type of operation.

Cloud-Based and without app installation

The cloud-based tool requires no prior knowledge or app installation, and can be used on any device. It also supports the creation of barrier-free content. An extensive toolkit offers great flexibility with features including design templates, image databases, surveys and much more. A range of options for the output format such as text or audio and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in imc Express help to achieve maximum productivity. For instance, imc Express can translate contents into almost all languages of the world at the click of a button.

User-generated content is in demand

The driving force behind the development of this intelligent authoring tool was the ever-increasing demand for user-generated content in corporate learning – learning content created by employees themselves. The vision: The software is designed to enable everyone – from apprentice through production staff to managers – to digitise their knowledge in a quick and straightforward manner and share it with others.

Oliver Nussbaum, Managing Director of imc Austria, played a crucial role in the development of the software: “There are many authoring tools that would be classified as software for experts,” Nussbaum describes the provider market. These facilitate highly complex processes. However, without prior knowledge, such programs are often overwhelming. “imc Express is easy to use,” says Nussbaum, offering a comparison to Instagram filters: “You have an image that you want to post, and simply want to optimise it quickly. Instagram will automatically suggest various filters, you select one of them ... and you’re done. With imc Express, we created a similar functionality for learning content.”

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Über imc information multimedia communication AG:

With more than 20 years of experience, twelve international locations and 300 employees, imc is the leading provider of digital education and professional development programmes. Experts in strategy, technology and e-learning content work hand in hand to offer holistic and tailored e-learning solutions - worldwide. Founded as a university spin-off at Saarland University, imc pro-vides holistic support to more than 1,200 companies, public and educational institutions from all sectors and of all sizes in the planning and implementation of digital training strategies.


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imc Express, authoring tool