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Exposure analysis of trees in cooperation with the Federal Highway Research Institute and the BMVI Network of Experts

Scientific article published in the Journal for Applied Remote Sensing

SPIE Digital Library
SPIE Digital Library

Freiberg, 29.04.2021 (PresseBox) - Due to climate change, extreme weather situations are more likely to occur in the future. Storm throws induced by strong winds pose a major threat to both road users and transport infrastructure.

In collaboration with the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), which is part of the BMVI Network of Experts that focusses on climate change, sustainability and environmentally friendly development as well as aging transport structures, Beak developed an area-wide applicable, GIS-based methodology for individual tree detection and analysis of potentially windthrow-endangered sections of the national trunk road network. The application is based on freely available high-resolution LiDAR and RGBI-orthoimage data sets.

The results of our work were recently published in the „Journal of Applied Remote Sensing“ (SPIE Digital Library):

Michael Steffen, Mandy Schipek, Anne-Farina Lohrengel, Lennart Meine, "Identification of windthrow-endangered infrastructure combining LiDAR-based tree extraction methods using GIS," J. Appl. Rem. Sens. 15(1) 014522


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Michael Steffen

Über Beak Consultants GmbH:

Beak Consultants GmbH provides consulting services in the fields of geology, minerals, project due diligence, nature and soil protection, remediation of contaminated sites, planning, development and implementation of information systems, as well as data capture/cartography/GIS in Germany and abroad.

Currently, Beak employs more than 40 professionals from the fields of geo-sciences, computer sciences, cartography and mathematics.


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