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Joined-up expertise - the key to revolutionising mobility

Baden-Württemberg's Pavilion illustrates the interplay between energy, mobility and data processing

Joined-up expertise - the key to revolutionising mobility (Photo: EnBW)
Joined-up expertise - the key to revolutionising mobility (Photo: EnBW)

Stuttgart, 11.04.2018 (PresseBox) - 'By forging ahead enthusiastically with new technologies and innovations, while steadily enhancing existing capacities and products, Baden-Württemberg is leading the way forward to a new, climate-friendly era of mobility,' explains Franz Loogen, Managing Director of e-mobil BW GmbH, the State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-Württemberg. This year's Baden-Württemberg Pavilion at Energy, the leading international trade show for integrated energy systems and mobility at Hannover Messe, impressively demonstrates the interplay between energy, mobility and data processing that this demands. The 26 exhibitors include software pioneers, start-ups, SMEs, universities and research facilities, aircraft manufacturers, energy utilities and suppliers.

'Boosting future Mobility' - Baden-Württemberg's Pavilion

In the South-West of Germany, a major centre of the automobile industry is facing the enormous challenge of re-inventing itself on several fronts. The electrification of individual vehicles is only one part of the transformation process. Connectivity and automated driving, logistics and mobility services are just as revolutionary for the industry, energy utilities and local authorities. Baden-Württemberg offers a unique industrial ecosystem with powerful companies and excellent research institutes and universities, which provides the ideal innovative basis on which to develop the full diverse spectrum of new mobility solutions with the pertinent technologies: research centres for battery and hydrogen technology, smart grid technology providers, developers of Car2X applications, mechanical engineering companies, manufacturers of key components and suppliers of complex ICT structures for fleet management and charging infrastructure management are all part of the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West that is headed by e-mobil BW. Baden-Württemberg is traditionally one of the major exhibitors at Hannover Messe. The Baden-Württemberg Pavilion itself uses around 600 square metres this year to illustrate how the mobility revolution is being translated into value added in Germany.

World premiere for storage-based fast-charging solution

With its intelligent StoraXe solutions, the Nürtingen-based company ADS-TEC is a technology market leader in the field of high-performance battery storage systems for private users, industry, electric mobility providers and energy utilities. ADS-TEC will be presenting the world's first High Power Charger (HPC), a storage-based solution for rapid charging that offers up to 320 kW charging capacity for direct connection to low-voltage grids. A compact battery system acts as a buffer, and makes it possible to charge enough power within a few minutes to give electric vehicles a range of several hundred kilometres. The PowerBooster mini-container system offers a decentralised power amplifier and can, like all StoraXe battery systems, perform grid services such as frequency control and load management.

Germany's largest operator of a fast-charging infrastructure

Another example is EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, the leading operator of fast-charging infrastructure in Germany. It offers fast-charging facilities at about one-third of all German “Tank & Rast” motorway service stations. At the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion, EnBW is presenting the full spectrum of its charging solutions and services for a joined-up energy future: from intelligent mobility concepts to packages for fleet operators and smart city solutions that bring together energy supplies, electric mobility and fast internet to forge comprehensive solutions. The EnBW mobility+ app offers support on the way towards a future of electric mobility. App users can transfer actual trips undertaken with their own internal combustion vehicle to a virtual electric vehicle of their choice, and thus find the electric vehicle that meets their driving needs. Users of the EnBW mobility+ app and charging card can charge their electric vehicle at 16,000 charging stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a uniform tariff thanks to the roaming network. The app helps them find the next charging station swiftly and easily. A new feature that allows users to pay directly via the app makes charging electric vehicles even easier. On top of this, EnBW will be presenting its solar solution EnBW solar+. Visitors can see for themselves the many and varied uses of electricity and the opportunities offered by a joined-up energy world, also with respect to electric mobility. At the heart of the smart networking is the energybase, which will also be on show at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion.

Joined-up expertise for the mobility revolution

The Baden-Württemberg Pavilion is in Hall 27, Stand H 75 in Hannover Messe’s new exhibition area ‘Electric Transportation Systems’.


• ads-tec GmbH, Nürtingen

• Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, Immenstaad

• ARADEX AG, Lorch

• ASG Allweier Systeme GmbH, Überlingen

• Baden-Württemberg International,

• Stuttgart BridgingIT GmbH, Mannheim

• Cluster Brennstoffzelle BW, Stuttgart

• Cluster Elektromobilität Süd-West, Stuttgart

• ctc cartech company GmbH, Böblingen

• Drees & Sommer SE, Stuttgart

• e-mobil BW GmbH – Landesagentur für neue Mobilitätslösungen und Automotive Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

• EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Karlsruhe

• FKFS Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart FKFS, Stuttgart

• GreenIng GmbH & Co. KG, Leutenbach

• Institut für Elektrische Energiewandlung (IEW) – Uni Stuttgart, Stuttgart

• Kleiner GmbH Stanztechnik, Pforzheim

• Lapp Systems GmbH, Stuttgart

• Lightshape GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

• Strategiedialog Automobilwirtschaft BW, Stuttgart

• Tamagawa Europe GmbH, Ulm

• Technische Akademie Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V., Schwäbisch Gmünd

• Vogel & Plötscher GmbH & Co. KG, Breisach

• VSF – Experts GmbH, Mannheim

• Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart

• Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), Ulm

• Zwick GmbH & Co. KG, Ulm

Special events at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion

• Monday, 23 April 2018: Winfried Hermann, Member of the State Legislature, Minister of Transport of the State of Baden-Württemberg

• Tuesday, 24 April 2018: Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Member of the State Legislature, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg

• Thursday, 26 April 2018: Theresia Bauer, Member of the State Legislature, Minister of Science, Research and Art of the State of Baden-Württemberg

M.TECH Accelerator

Start-ups step up the pace – every day young entrepreneurs offer their elevator pitch at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion.

23 and 24 April (Monday and Tuesday)

NAiSE GmbH, Darmstadt, founded 2017

Neohelden, Stuttgart, founded 2018

25 April (Wednesday)

e3charge, Stuttgart, founded 2017

26 April (Thursday)

Ataex GmbH, Ulm, founded 2017

27 April (Friday)

fLUMEN GbR, Konstanz, founded 2015

Other events

23-27 April: Study trip to Hannover Messe for 160 students from universities in Baden-Württemberg, including a stop at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion

25 April 17:00: Networking Happy Hour hosted by the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West

Baden-Württemberg International

Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) is the state competence centre for the internationalisation of business, science and research. bw-i lends support to domestic and foreign companies, clusters and networks along with universities and research institutions by serving as the central point of contact for all questions relating to internationalisation. Its task is to support firms from Baden-Württemberg in accessing foreign markets and to position the state internationally as an prime location for business and research. The measures pursued are aimed at securing and strengthening the position of Baden-Württemberg over the long term - by encouraging foreign capital investment, helping companies to settle here and promoting cooperative ventures between companies and institutions as well as assisting businesses to recruit the qualified staff they need as part of the Fachkräfteallianz (Skilled Worker Alliance) Baden-Württemberg.

Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH

The Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS - Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation) is the main point of contact for investors and companies in the city of Stuttgart and five surrounding administrative districts. It raises awareness of the qualities that the business region has to offer, supports companies setting up in the region and promotes modern technologies. In numerous projects, the WRS supports regional companies in the transition from a modern automotive region to that of a sustainably viable mobility region, such as with the "Sustainable Mobility Model Region" (Modellregion nachhaltige Mobilität) regional programme or the "Region Stuttgart electromobility Model Region" programme of the federal government. Alternative drives, new mobility concepts for people and goods along with autonomous driving are key fields of focus.



Isabell Knüttgen
+49 (711) 892385-23
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Über e-mobil BW GmbH:

e-mobil BW is the state agency for new mobility solutions and the automotive sector of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is a central source of information and advice on these issues. Its primary aim is to support the transformation from conventional fossil-fuel-based vehicles to electric transportation and to pave the way for its industrialisation. To boost innovation and synergy, e-mobil BW coordinates and cross-links all players, public funding, and the many initiatives in Baden-Württemberg.


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Joined-up expertise - the key to revolutionising mobility (Photo: EnBW)

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Joined-up expertise - the key to revolutionising mobility (Photo: ads-tec)

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