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quantumrock welcomes Maximilian Hemmerle, fine jewellery and gemstone expert and the creative genius behind MXHM and RENÉSIM, to their board of expert

Maximilian is a distinguished gemstone expert and visionary jeweller looking back on a family history of more than 180 years in the industry

Luxembourg, 19.09.2023 (PresseBox) - quantumrock, a leading investment company, welcomes Maximilian Hemmerle to their Expert Board to further expand its expertise for its latest investment product Rough Gemstone I, which provides professional investors with a unique opportunity to invest in the value creation process of polishing gemstones. Maximilian’s addition to the Board is a testament to quantumrock's commitment to harnessing diverse perspectives and expertise to create compelling investment products for their clients.

In the world of fine jewellery, where craftsmanship and creativity intertwine to create timeless pieces of art, Maximilian Hemmerle stands as a luminary figure. Maximilian is the founder of Germany’s first online jeweller, RENÉSIM, and the visionary force behind MXHM, his latest venture, with which he has carved out a unique niche in the jewellery industry, captivating collectors, and connoisseurs alike with his exceptional jewellery designs. With a profound passion for both art and jewellery, Hemmerle's expertise has shaped MXHM into a brand that redefines luxury and elegance.

Born into a family of esteemed jewellers, Maximilian was exposed to the intricate world of gemstones, craftsmanship, and design from a tender age. MXHM isn't just a jewellery brand; it's a legacy that carries forward 180 years of family tradition. His grandfather, René Sim Lacaze, was a famous French jewellery designer and artist, who played a major role in the development of the style known as European Art Deco. René Sim Lacaze was a pivotal figure in turning the famous jewellery house Van Cleef & Arpels into the iconic player it is today. He created pieces for illustrious clients including Marlene Dietrich, Michèle Morgan, Maurice Chevalier and the Duchess of Windsor.

“Rough Gemstone I is a compelling investment product, with which quantumrock is making the exiting asset class of unpolished gemstones investable for professional investors for the first.”, says Maximilian Hemmerle, CEO and Founder of MXHM.

Stefan Tittel, CEO and Founder of quantumrock, adds, ”with his deep understanding of the jewellery industry and expertise in gemmology, Maximilian is an invaluable addition to our team of experts enriching the potential of Rough Gemstone I substantially.”

The team behind quantumrock is proud to welcome Maximilian to its Expert Board and together, quantumrock and Maximilian Hemmerle, plan on creating another novel investment concept enabling professional investors to invest in fine jewellery, partially designed and crafted using polished gemstones from Rough Gemstone I.


Dr. Stephan Hauska
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Head of Sales

Über Quantumrock GmbH:

quantumrock is an AssetTech company developing institutional-grade investment solutions from rare and unique alpha sources. Together with renowned product partners, the identified alpha sources are wrapped into the highest quality institutional-grade investment products and brought to investors. With quantumrock’s investment solutions, clients can improve their funds and portfolios or tap new investment opportunities in equities, volatility, factor investing, robo-advisory and hard assets. The AssetTech firm’s client base is spread across the globe and ranges from large multinational banks to local family offices and technology companies.