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Eye protection for animals

Protective products for different animal species from PROTECT

Pferdemaske (Artikel-Nr.: 600-AUGM-HORS)
Pferdemaske (Artikel-Nr.: 600-AUGM-HORS)

Nürnberg, 08.04.2021 (PresseBox) - Currently, there is no legal basis for horses, dogs and co. to wear protective products against sun or laser radiation, particles or liquids.

But it is not only important for us humans to use adequate eye protection, because an eye injury in animals often goes unnoticed. Only when the animal shows an atypical behavior, a cause is searched for, which cannot be directly connected with an injury of the eyes.

This is exactly why we have made it our business to develop eye protection especially for small animals such as dogs and cats, but also for large animals. For our protective eyewear for small animals, the frames available under the Doggles brand are used as the wearing body. In our in-house production, we are able to incorporate specially adapted laser protection or UV filters, depending on the application. The adjustable head and chin strap ensures a tight fit during and after treatment and guarantees a high level of wearing comfort thanks to the integrated foam padding.

Whether during a visit to the vet or during leisure activities - the Doggles offer the optimum protection for your pet for every occasion. The goggles are available from us in various sizes and colors.

In addition, we offer special laser protection masks for horses. The horse masks are available in different sizes for ponies, small horses as well as warm and cold blooded animals and can also be used for other large animals such as cows. The integrated laser protection fabric covers the wavelengths from 180 - 11000 nm. The laser protection mask is put on the animal like an ordinary fly hood. By means of Velcro fasteners and a scalp opening, a perfect fit is guaranteed. The padding on the inside of the protective mask adds to the comfort and thus prevents chafing during veterinary treatment.


Nadine Dontanello
+49 911 9644 31-21
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Wenzel Pech
0911 964431122
Zuständigkeitsbereich: Vertriebsleiter

Kenny Rösler
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Zuständigkeitsbereich: Marketing

Über PROTECT - Laserschutz GmbH:

PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH - since 2005 your reliable and qualified partner around laser-, welding-, and work protection. Thanks to many years of experience, we have a profound knowledge of laser technology, as well as the necessary protective equipment. As a DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, we are particularly familiar with the technical and European standards (EN), as well as the legal requirements, in order to guarantee you the best possible safety.

In cooperation with worldwide partners, such as universities and research institutes, our team of experts is constantly developing new protective products to meet customer-specific requirements. In the field of occupational safety, we have a long-standing cooperation with INFIELD Safety GmbH.


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Pferdemaske (Artikel-Nr.: 600-AUGM-HORS)